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Inside the Mymemo Pill Dispenser Box you’ll find:

  • Mymemo Pill Dispenser
  • Measuring cup
  • Power Kit – USB Wall Charger (5V/2.4A output with USB-A to AC Adapter) and 1.8m USB-A Male to Micro USB Male cable
  • Ownership pairing code

In the Additional Module Box you’ll find:

  • Additional Module unit
  • 0.3m USB-A Male to Micro USB Male cable
  • Ownership pairing code

Length – 28 cm
Height – 26 cm
Width – 18 cm

2.6 kg

Mymemo is designed, developed, and manufactured in Italy.

Mymemo operates using a standard Type C Europlug, as specified in the CEE 7/16 standard.
Type C plugs are commonly used across European countries, excluding the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, and Cyprus. Mymemo is designed to support a voltage range of 100-240V, making it suitable for use both in the United States and internationally.

Plugs type

Mymemo is engineered to function seamlessly even during power outages. It comes equipped with an integrated internal battery, ensuring uninterrupted drug dispensing until the power supply is restored. The battery can sustain operation for up to 24 hours, depending on the quantity of drugs to be dispensed.

Mymemo is designed exclusively for individual use, ensuring precise medication administration.

Mymemo can hold and dispense various types of medication, including pills, tablets, or capsules. The only requirement is that they must be at least 2 mm in diameter.

Each Mymemo unit can dispense up to 4 different medications over a period of 180 days (based on the size of pills, capsules or tablets). As the number of medications increases, you will be able to add one (up to 8 medications) or two (up to 12 medications) additional modules. This modular design ensures both convenience and versatility for users.

Mymemo operates without the need for Wi-Fi. It comes equipped with an integrated 2G SIM card, ensuring reliable connectivity at all times. Once switched on, Mymemo will automatically connect to the strongest 2G network available in the area.

** Enter your state and region to verify network coverage before purchase.

We currently ship only to some countries in the EU region with 2G network coverage, as indicated in our list.

MymemoApp provides you and your caregivers with daily and historical monitoring of medication adherence. It is a clinical diary providing instant notifications and therapy reminders for better medication management.

MymemoApp is vital for accessing all the functions of the Mymemo pill dispenser. Without MymemoApp, the dispenser cannot be utilized.

Visit the Apple app store or Google Play store and download MymemoApp.

MymemoApp is free of charge. You can access all its features without needing to purchase the dispenser.
However, upon purchasing Mymemo, you’ll need to download the app and enrol in a monthly subscription for data usage.
Mymemo Pill Dispenser is a fully connected cellular device, and when you acquire it, you’re essentially subscribing to our network, enabling real-time operation of the device.
Similar to your cell phone carrier, this monthly subscription covers the necessary data costs to provide seamless service to our valued customers.

MymemoApp delivers the following notifications:

  • Medication Reminders: You’ll receive alerts when it’s time to take your medications.
  • Low Medication Supply: Get notified when your medication is running low.
  • Dispenser Access Alerts: Receive a notification if someone opens your Mymemo Pill Dispenser.
  • Power Loss Notification: Be informed if Mymemo loses power.
  • Caregiver Access: As a caregiver, you can access someone else’s device as an approved third party and receive notifications about their pill consumption or missed doses.

Stay informed and manage your medication effectively!

Mymemo is a plug and play device, so anyone can easily start using it. No set up process is required.

1. Download MymemoApp:

  • Visit the app store on your device (iOS or Android).
  • Search for MymemoApp and download it.
  • Alternatively, you can scan the provided QR code to directly access the app.

2. Pairing:

  • Open MymemoApp on your smartphone.
  • Scan the Ownership pairing code provided with your Mymemo. This code is essential for registering your device.
  • Once the initial setup is complete, you can add users within the app.

3. Choose a Suitable Location:

  • Position your Mymemo in a dry area, away from direct sunlight.
  • Ensure it’s easily accessible for medication management.

4. Power Supply:

  • Insert the Micro USB male connector into the corresponding port on your Mymemo.
  • Connect the USB-A male connector to the USB Wall Charger.
  • Plug the wall charger into a power source.
  • After a brief initialization phase (usually around 10 seconds), your Mymemo indicator will turn green.
  • Congratulations! You’re all set to start using Mymemo.

Remember to follow these steps carefully for a smooth setup experience!

Medication Management

Here are some essential guidelines to consider before and during loading your Mymemo Pill Dispenser:

  • Always verify the expiration date of your medications before loading them into Mymemo.
  • Avoid using any medication that is set to expire within the next 180 days.
  • Ensure that you load the correct medications as specified in the MymemoApp.
  • Do not load liquid medications or any drugs that require refrigeration inside Mymemo.
  • When loading Mymemo, always use the provided measuring cup.
  • Be cautious not to exceed the "Max" fill line to maintain accurate dosages.
  • Maintain a record of the medications loaded inside Mymemo.

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