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The first and only modular pill dispenser in the world

Where healthcare
meets design

Iconic and understated appeal.

Where healthcare
meets design

Iconic and understated appeal.


Simplify your medication routine at the push of a button!

Embossed braille lettering. A simple solution to enable all patients to a more independent living experience.

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An innovative technology solution that can save your life

A simple touch is all it takes to protect yours.

Mymemo will instantly dispense all your medications in the correct dose, thanks to our pre-delivery system.

Single button LED signal Sound alert
Dispenser led

Designed for you and
the people you love most

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Secure locking system

Preventing your loved ones from taking medications before or after the designated time.

Life saving Locked safe door
Locked safe door 1
Locked safe door 2

Design meets precision engineering to deliver… pills!

Suitable for pills of any shape and size.

A gem of technology. All your therapeutics needs on a silver tray. Audible and visual reminders. Mymemo will beep and a green LED will light up when a medication is due for administration.

Right dose LED signal Sound alert
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Dispenser Pills

Should your therapy require more pills, tablets or capsules, Mymemo modules are here to assist you

Modular system allowing up to 2 additional modules to be added should the daily intake exceed 4 different medications.

Modular system Up to 180 day Multi-band sim card
Mymemo and modules

The world's first modular pill dispenser housing up to 12 different types of medications for up to 180 days

75% of chronically ill patients take no more than 4/5 pills a day, whilst others are subjected to multiple medications on a daily basis. Mymemo is designed to meet the needs of all patients. Hence the convenience and versatility of our modular system.

A gem of technology. All your therapeutics needs on a silver tray.
Mymemo dispenses up to 4 different types of oral solid therapy (pills, tablets or capsules, 2 mm diameter or higher).

Modular Pill Dispenser

Up to 4 pills - Mymemo dispenser

Mymemo, in its original configuration, is a fully functional stand-alone highly engineered pill dispenser that, at the heart of our modular system, allows you to take up to 4 different types of pills.

Up to 8 – Mymemo Dispenser + 1 additional module

As the number of medications increases, you will be able to add one additional module to the original configuration.

Up to 12 – Mymemo Dispenser + 2 additional modules

And if you need more support, you can add another module. The best solution in terms of installation and increased expandability.

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