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How it works

Mymemo System

A flexible patient support system, tailored to individual needs

Mymemo App

Provides you and your caregiver with daily & historical monitoring of medication adherence.

Real time notifications.

A clinical diary and therapy reminder.

Mymemo Dispenser

Effortless elegance.

All your medications at the push of a button.

Provides up to 180 days of therapeutic autonomy.

24-hour battery life.

Enjoy Mymemo System in few steps:

  1. Get your Mymemo Pill Dispenser
    + an additional module if your daily intake exceeds 4 pills/tablets.
  2. Download MymemoAPP
    activate the subscription and insert your medication dosage and schedule.
  3. Refill medication
    load up your medication.
  4. Let’s Get Started!
    from now on, Mymemo will provide you with the correct medication, at the prescribed dosage, and at the scheduled time. Way to go!

Begin your new therapeutic routine, now!

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Download your daily clinical diary for free

The fastest and most dependable way to manage and control your medications... All at the touch of your fingertips. This is Mymemo App. Track your daily & historic medication adherence or that of a loved one and receive reminders and notifications on your Mymemo Pill Dispenser. Enjoy total peace of mind. Anytime, anywhere with Mymemo App.

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